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2018 Launch Series

Be on the forefront of inspiring positivity...

Dear Mom + When You Are Older

A Two Part Series


“Dear Mom,” video series is a dedication to mothers through unique short films by inspiring creators.

“When You Are Older,” video series is a love letter from mother to child on her hopes and guidance for her child to grow up to be a good person, told in a unique short film by inspiring mothers everywhere. 

The series will be comprised of videos by artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers, and more who create a visual piece for their mothers and children that expresses their gratitude in a unique way like Decora’s spoken word video, “Mother”.

PILOT EPISODE: Decora \ mother

Decora is a hip-hop artist, DJ, performance poet, and event curator based out of the Hudson Valley who has shared bills with Lenny Kravitz, Kaytranada, Lauryn Hill, Saul Williams, and many more. He is known for his unique composition of intertwining electronic & hip-hop music with the visual arts for social change.  

The Mother Poem is an amalgamation of struggles faced by mothers raising their children in today's society. When faced with harshest conditions, the most difficult set backs and unpredictable mishaps they still rise to the selfless challenge of raising their children. 

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Series (2018)

A video series that looks at inspiring and talented individuals who against all odds overcame debilitating life experiences and are now achieving great feats that many of us wish we could do. We will get inside the heads of these people and hear their stories while finding out what keeps their fire lit. This series will teach us that there are no excuses for doing what you want to do and becoming who you want to be. Anything is possible, no matter what card has been dealt.     

Possible Participating people


Kurt Yaeger

Back in 2006, BMX rider Kurt Yaeger was exiting a freeway on his motorcycle when a car two lanes over blindly swerved to exit at the last minute. Yaeger was forced into the guard rail and hit a light pole, while the car drove on.

Yaeger was faced with incredibly severe injuries, and his left leg was soon amputated below the knee. He managed to recover and to thrive, returning to BMX riding against all odds and expanding into other sports and even the world of acting.

Kurt Yaeger is now an actor and producer living in Los Angeles, CA. He’s been serving on the SAG-AFTRA committee for Performers With Disabilities for eight years, working to get more people with disabilities in front of the camera.

His story will inspire us all. 


Mike Anderson

Mike is always up for an adventure, skateboarding, his friends, and most importantly his family. Keeping it local, or heading out on the road, Mike is a skater’s skater and will shred anything in his path. Mike is always looking for the road less traveled to spark creativity.

When Mike was a younger skater, he developed a tumor in his foot which put a long pause on his skateboarding. Never thinking he would be able to skate again, he overcame the surgery and is now one of the worlds most influential skaters. 

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Aaron “WHEELZ” Fotheringham

 Aaron is a pioneer of WCMX, aka freestyle wheelchair. Wheelz exploded onto the scene in 2010 after landing the first-ever backflip on a wheelchair, and he hasn’t looked back, breaking records and inspiring millions, all while fearlessly sending it and having the time of his life on mega ramps and skateparks around the world.

Aaron has a passion for what he does, not only is it a lot of fun, but he wants to change the world’s perception of people in wheelchairs, as well as helping everyone see his/her own challenges in a new way. Aaron’s appeal is universal. You certainly do not have to be disabled to be inspired by what he is able to do.

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Jamie Brewer


Jamie is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story.

Brewer has been active in the Down Syndrome community. She is the youngest person with this condition to be elected President of the ARC of Fort Bend Chapter.[citation needed] From there, she was appointed to the State of Texas ARC Board, then elected to the Executive Board as Treasurer. Brewer was then asked to serve on the ARC Governmental Affairs Committee for the State of Texas, and while on the committee, spoke with Senators at the Texas State Capitol to persuade them to pass the law for Texas to abolish the word "retarded" from state legislation and to improve recognition of the needs of people with disabilities within the state. The effort was successful and Texas now uses the term "Intellectual Developmental Disability" in their legislation.

Style & Feel

This series will not be your typical documentary style piece. We will make each episode unique in its own way. For example, the Aaron Wheelz piece will focus on whats going though his head when he preformed the first front flip on a mega ramp. It will be shot in Guy Richie style, focusing on Aaron's internal thought process in the seconds before he attempts the trick. Those few second often feel like a lot longer and all senses are heightened. We will hear the ticking of the spokes on his wheelchair as they count down to the edge of the ramp. We will hear the wind breeze by. We will see the ever so slight bending of the wood beneath him. Finally the dust from his wheelchair tire hitting the pipe edging of the mega ramp. In those moments, he reinforces his courage by reflection on the past and his determination.  Imagine a Fight Scene (click for reference video) from "Sherlock Holmes" by Guy Ritchie and how delicately he portrays Sherlock Holme's calculated sequence of strikes in slow motion, speed ramping, voice over and extraordinary sound design with a moving and powerful song playing in the back like "This Will Destroy You" by The Mighty Rio Grande. (click for reference video)

    The Godfathers of Action Sports  

Series (2018)

When we think of extreme sports, we think of an innovative few who developed something incredible for those whose athletic skills and interests were unique from traditional sports. If you think about it, the Godfathers of action sports were some of the most out of the box thinkers who challenged tradition, gravity, and welcomed looking challenges in the face without fear.

This series spotlights these individuals by focusing on the unique crossroads where their innovation and creativity met with their athletic skills and "nothing is impossible" mindset. From the streets to the slopes, the ramps to the trails, these individuals were consistently finding new natural and manmade places and ways to do what they loved. The world became their arena.   

From land to sea to air, the sports include Skateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX, Motocross, Surfing, BASE Jumping, Mountain Biking, and many more. 

Potential Participating athletes

travis pastrana.jpg

Travis Pastrana - FMX

shawn white.jpg

Shaun White - Snowboarder


Mat Hoffman - BMX


Rodney Mullen Skateboarder


and many more...

Style & Feel

This series will be comprised of stylized micro films that feel like a glance into the mind and body connection of the athletes. Blending memories of the past through archival footage moments with slow and smooth footage from today, we will allow the viewers to breath in the intricacies of these athletes skills and truly take in the wisdom from these innovators voice over. The action is in the intensity and speed and the intelligence and beauty is in the details. 


The Series


Redefining what it means to be truly alive, let’s challenge ourselves and each other to start saying why not when we are faced with that which we fear or gives us pause.

Whether the act is big or small in scale and the format a long video or short social video, the goal behind the challenge is to spread the feeling of excitement and living life to the fullest by opening our minds and facing our fears.