NYSE Campaign for Lyft

Summary: All entrepreneurs face similar emotions while starting their own business. Fear and excitement, hesitations and commitments, exhaustion and persistence. The risks and challenges of being an entrepreneur are essential to the innovation that results from it. Compared to many other part-time jobs, Lyft provides entrepreneurs with more flexibility and pride to pay the bills, and is now recognizing that some of their drivers have incredible business plans.

Creative Concept 1 - An Emotional Connection

Reference Video

To speak to the hearts and souls of audiences, we will interview a Lyft entrepreneur and separately, an influential business owner. The interview will be on the experience of both individuals. The questions will focus on the personal challenges they faced or currently face while building their own business. It will then transition to the gratification and joy that resulted from the small successes along the way. The Lyft entrepreneur will mention some moments driving and conversations they had that inspired them. The business owner will discuss their past or part-time job in comparison. All will focus on moments of what happened and how it made them feel as a result.

The tone will be slow and heartfelt and the interviews will be mostly used for the VO. The cinematography will focus around moments in the work day for both individuals and utilize shallow focus. We will shoot all of this imagery in slow-motion to allow for paced moments of reflection.

The narrative will start with feelings of doubt and uncertainty, ending with satisfaction, joy, and triumph. With this subtle connection, Lyft will inspire entrepreneurs by giving them guidance and letting them know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. Additionally, the interviews will expose how Lyft is creating a better part-time option for those striving to start their own business.

Creative Concept 2 - An Inspiring Ride

Reference Photo

Reference Photo

In a hidden camera style manner, we will surprise a Lyft entrepreneur by having them pick up an influential and prominent business owner. We will prompt the business owner with the premise and ask them to casually make conversation about work and the path to becoming a successful business owner. He or she will give our Lyft entrepreneur words of inspiration and relate to their current struggles in their business growth. While stuck in LA traffic, the business owner will do work on his/her phone, which will show that Lyft enables productivity.

The tone will be observant and somewhat experimental. The cinematography will be similar to Car Pool Karaoke or Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The narrative will come off as simply a few moments in a normal day during LA rush hour. Lyft’s incredible networking capabilities will shine through the cracks in a subtle and spontaneous way.

Influential Business Owners

Beatrice Fischer-Bock - 8.3k IG - Hutch

Laura Fuentes - 14k IG, 41.6k YT - Momables

MaryEllis Bunn - 9.6k IG - Museum of Ice Cream 

Adam Vanunu - 5.2k IG - Cotton Citizen

Sean Malto - 937k IG - Entrepreneur/Skateboarder

Jasmin Hekmat - 6.5k IG - Cult Gaia

Shama Hyder - 15.9k IG - Zen Media

Tim Ferris - 837k IG - 4 Hour Work Week

Marie Forleo - 352k IG - B-School

Jen Rubio - 34k IG - Away Luggage

Ryan Holmes - 35.6k IG - Hootsuite