Mat Hoffman's Approach

Godfather of Action Sports Episode


This film will start and finish one moment in time that exemplifies fearlessly breaking through into the unknown: Mat Hoffman floating in space captured in a four dimensional arena of discovery and innovation.  The moment of ascension will seem as if Mat is reaching a new height on a mega-ramp jump in super slow motion and possibly use 4D by Steven Sebring and Sebring Revolution.

mat hoffman.jpg

Mat’s VO will begin as he appears in the space on his bike floating in slow motion.

"Life is not easy.  You have to work for it.  You have to give everything you have.  You have to find your passion and pour everything you have into it to achieve your dream."

As he continues we cut to gliding close up shots of Mat’s preparation for BMXing, wing suit flying, and painting. We see him putting on his BMX gloves, spinning his wheel, stretching a canvas and prepping the plane and wing suit.

"A big factor in my life is fear.  I’ve learned to manage fear.  I don’t ignore fear, but I understand it for its good virtues and managing its negative ones.  I use fear to demand my body and mind to gain the 110% focus it takes to achieve my dreams.  I believe in the importance of facing my fears everyday.  This keeps me strong, progressive and on-point to take on whatever life throws at me. Sometimes the hardest part is to start. Then, to never give up or give in is how you win." 

Cut back to the mid air slow motion jump, his trick continues and we take a beat to take in his form. 

We cut to his POV now during the mental preparation. From the top of the mega ramp we see the edge and the height becomes real. From the airplane we see the ground disappear from under a cloud. From behind Mat we him seated in front of a canvas deep in thought and slowly push into an over the shoulder shot.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 7.09.41 PM.png

"I have learned to manage my mind and harmonize it with my body.  I’ve discovered my mind can sometimes be my weakest link.  It’s just as important to trust my instinct.   I’ve learned how to visualize to prepare my mind and body to achieve the impossible.  Throughout my life, I have thrived off dreaming up something that has never been done before.  I’d love to express the fine art it takes to do this.  It doesn’t just take guts and definitely is not possible if your mentally unstable.  If I was crazy, like how most would explain my actions, I’d be dead." 

The music climaxes and we see Mat flying a wing suit and we cut to him painting and as the camera moves around to expose his face, he looks into camera. 

He say something in more detail like..."If I was crazy, like how most would explain my actions, I’d be dead." 

In this moment Mat launches off a ramp and we cut into the slow motion jump one last time as Mat begins to hit the peak of his jump. In that moment, the speed ramps up and he descends and disappears from the space.