Conversations with Kelly

Kelly Rutherford has candid conversations with highly influential women. 




As an actress, model, philanthropist and mother, Kelly Rutherford has the innate ability to connect with all walks of life. “Conversations with Kelly” is a series that dives into her world and the worlds of influential women who she conversates with. 

Redefining what it means to be both real and raw, Kelly opens the conversation of broad and compelling topics relatable to a wide range of viewers. Through candid moments and intimate experience, Rutherford and her guests tackle significant topics relevant to the guest and her interest. 


The goal of “Conversations with Kelly,” is to candidly expose the true identity of women as individuals. Kelly aims to distinguish the women she interviews from the positions they hold throughout their lives. While the conversations are relaxed, Rutherford delves deep into the lives of her guests in order to challenge and bring out the best in them. Thus, the exposure of the identity of each guest creates a relatability to both Kelly and the audience. We want to see what inspires these women and keeps them moving forward so we can share that with the viewers. 

These conversations will happen in informal settings that are comfortable and casual for the participants. Ideally their homes. 

Complementary to the video series, the full-length corresponding interviews will be released online via podcast under the same name: "Conversations with Kelly”


Similar to “Carpool Karaoke,” the filming of each episode will be as long as the conversation. With some light B-Roll, production will take about a few hours in total. Each episode will include one full conversation, with B-Roll surrounding that conversation.


The Length and potential interviewees:  Each episode will be between 3-5 minute with well-known women thorough Kellys network. Some of the women we spoke about are Debra Messing, Vera Wang, Taylor Momsen, Whoopi Goldberg, Lisa Bloom to name a few.  We are shooting to have 10 episodes total. 


Each episode will be made possible by the participating brand. They will have a presented spot before and after the content.  The brand will be able to place their brand product seamlessly in the shot background.