Inspire Others by Sharing What Inspires You

We are dedicated to sharing your message and story through a short one to five minute film with the highest quality film making and storytelling, giving you full creative control, and paying you for it. 

Savanty partners with inspirational individuals to develop stories of positivity/inspiration and allow brands to sponsor the production without any creative control or forced brand placement.  

Every morning when you wake up, instead of getting lost in the endless feed of your media outlets, we want people to wake up feeling inspired and ready for the day.  Savanty is the outlet that will fuel the fire that keeps passions alive. We are bringing 365 days of positive media to the world in short form storytelling. Similar to Ted talks, but shorter and produced in a one to five minute microfilm. We put the Creator in control.

creator participation

We welcome creators to take part in the creative process as much or as little as they want.  Generally it's one conversation, a few hours of filming, and a few approvals, and that's all required to bring your story to life with taste, excellence, and truth. 

Value Proposition


We put the Creator in Control. It's your story after all.

Full Approval on Content, Sponsor, and Distribution

Above average payment for Content

Low Time Commitment

Alignment with Social Good & Positive Messaging


The Content Creation Process


Short of time? We only need a few minutes to chat and find your story of inspiration. Then we will do all the legwork developing the message or story into a short script and treatment to present to you for approval. 

We take care of this by presenting the projects for brand sponsorship. Before signing with the brands, we give you approval to avoid any distasteful alignment or categorical conflict. 

Filming for projects of this size generally will generally be between an hour or two up to one full shoot day. This makes it easy for creators to fit into their busy schedules. Savanty then edits the film and presents the edits to the creator for approval. 

The Distribution process

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.41.58 PM.png

Savanty presents the Creator with a social media and paid media release strategy for approval. This will include the Creator, Savanty, and the brands posting the video and all cut down versions on their social media and strategic partner platforms. We ask in good faith that the Creator utilize any timely public relations opportunity in order to maximize exposure of the film.