Savanty is an advertising platform where brands can shop for marketing campaigns to align with. These campaigns are developed by and feature our creators who are truly influential people such as athletes, filmmakers, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators.  

It's time to shake things up in the advertising world. We believe in purpose-driven marketing. Starting with the creator, we develop a story based on an initiative, message, or cause that they are passionate about. Once we have the treatment in place, we offer it to brands for sponsorship. Native and seamless, the brand and our creative team will find proper placement within the content. Once the creative proposal is green lit, we produce the content and bring the vision to life in the form of a full marketing campaign. 


Media culture has become a constant reminder of what is wrong in the world. It has propelled the wrongdoings of humans and societies, barely shedding light on solutions or achievements.

Every morning, we want your audience to wake up feeling inspired and ready for the day.  As negativity fills up your news feed, Savanty is here to prove it’s actually a great time to be alive. We are your daily dose of inspiration, progress, and innovation - a celebration of the world we live in. Savanty is the outlet that fuels the fire and keeps passions alive.


Savanty keeps it simple for brands and agencies by doing all the heavy lifting. We are transparent, work in real time, and will gain the recognition the campaign deserves. 

Want to stand out and align with some amazing content from influential people? Need to spend test budgets on new platforms? Sick of going through a bunch of people to make marketing objectives happen? Barely have enough time to make current campaigns work thoroughly? Incremental funds coming?

Don't keep spending budgets on platforms that keep giving you the same results. Put dollars towards something impactful that will make the audience fall in love with the brand, start conversations, keep them engaged, and make them want to be part of the initiative. 


To create an easy outlet for brands to own powerful marketing campaigns.

To bring 365 days of positive short-form media to the world.

To be people's daily dose of inspiration.  


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Tony and Travis were childhood friends that took different career paths, but always wanted to start a company together. Being educated and trained in traditional television and media, and working while the digital revolution boomed, they were on the forefront of a change in the way media was created and consumed. Tony specializes in making content come to life and Travis concentrates in advertising technology, branding and strategy. They merged their skills and ideas to create Savanty, which is a direct reflection of the way they live their lives - with hard work, purpose, open minds, and creativity.



The Savanty Dream


NOTE: This is some past advertising work produced and directed by Tony Mancilla. Savanty's quality and integrity in their films will focus on the creativity of the story and cause. The brand will appear as a part of the impact, a leader in change. 

Absolut Vodka | "Johannesburg Nights"

Malibu Rum | "Party Animals" 

Kiehl's | Life Ride Finale

Decora | Dear Mom: Episode One

Lincoln Motor Company | "First Listen Vol. 4"

Poo-Pourri | Second Hand Stink


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"I have been working with Travis for over four years while working on the Microsoft business, both internally and externally. In that time he has proven to be one of my most valuable and trusted partners. His dedication to his clients is by far the best I have ever seen. Travis made sure every engagement went off without a hitch and when a problem arose he found a way to fix it and make it right. With Travis as our partner we always knew anything we needed to do was possible, no matter how much chaos, confusion, or dysfunction was coming from our side."
Stephen Donlin, Senior Marketing Manager - Microsoft

"Tony Mancilla's unique and innovative creativity and his unwavering ability to meticulously execute from start to finish makes him a huge asset for any company. He is extremely professional with charisma, care, and an incredible work ethic, Tony is definitely a huge added value to any team."
-Julian Lennon, Singer Songwriter, Activist, Photographer - The White Feather Foundation

"Travis was a pleasure to work with over the course of more than three years as an agency/vendor contact. He is quick to respond, accommodating, and always worked to go the extra mile for our needs. I would absolutely be happy to work with him again in the future."
George Mazzoli, Supervisor for DAZN - Essence Global

"Tony Mancilla is a talented innovator who understands the intersection of creative and business. His experience with video, film, and storytelling allow him to work with brands in new and inspiring ways. This combined experience, and his understanding of the complexity of client business needs, is unique and is why I would recommend Tony if you are looking to build your brand." 
-AnnMari Shannahan, Vice President of Communications - amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

"Travis DeWind provided client management and strategic services for my advertising agency team from September 2014 – July 2017. From day one, Travis was a pleasure to work with – he quickly developed a strong understanding of my team’s marketing objectives and challenges and used that knowledge to provide insightful strategic guidance and new tactical recommendations. He regularly went above and beyond to ensure we hit our marketing goals, often turning around strong work despite quick deadlines. Travis was also a great partner on a personal level – he is kind, smart, and makes you feel at ease. I recommend working with Travis without hesitation."
Richard McGowan, Senior Manager, Offsite Digital Acquisitions - American Express

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tony on many occasions; one specifically was the global campaign launch of Absolut Night for the brand Absolut Vodka during my tenure as their senior global communications manager.  The campaign production was complex; 4 international locations, filmed during live events, with non-professional actors, resulting in no fewer than 50 unique visual stories. I found the experience of working with Tony to be positively overwhelming.  He is professional and task oriented, yet still manages to find a creative playground to offer their unique perspective.  During my tenure with Absolut, I believe I returned to working with him on at least 3 other occasions – every time being sure they would deliver on expectations. I can anecdotally confirm that his creative output was dramatically more appreciated by my target audience than the average collateral we would produce with other partners. Tony is exactly who I would recommend if you are looking for expertise in visual storytelling and narration that is unique, on point and exciting."
-Billy Burgess, Head of Global Marketing - Perrier Jouët formerly of Absolut Vodka

Travis is one of the most diligent and successful executives I have ever worked with.  He brings a diverse set of talents to his work, including natural relationship, persuasion and negotiation skills and an incredible work ethic - all with a friendly, humble, self-effacing persona.  He is also committed to constantly improving, conscious that what made his customers happy today may not be enough tomorrow.
-Jonathan Opdyke
Chief Strategy Officer - Criteo (Formerly CEO HookLogic, acquired by Criteo)

"Tony Mancilla is a joy to work with. As a producer, he truly knows how to make the client feel taken care of and at ease. He has an immaculate attention to detail within a big picture strategic approach. His ideas are refreshing and when the project hits home for him, his passion is insurmountable!  He always has a quick solve and even knows how to make high-pressure situations fun. That said he is extremely professional and ethical. Tony is without a doubt an invaluable executive part of any team." 
-Lauren Rodolitz, Vice President of Integrated Communications - Kiehl's Since 1851