For the Love of Rock

A Big Machine & John Varvatos Records Series

Launching in 2018, this series will highlight new rock artists that are part of the Big Machine Records/John Varvatos Records upcoming roster through unique live performances integrated into inspiring videos of these individuals who are leading the re-emergence of rock and roll culture in LA. Staged around nights of private performances at LA's rock and roll hotel, The Sunset Marquis, each episode will feature a live performance and a video exploration of these individuals' spirits and unrelenting efforts to keep rock alive and find a new place for it in the current tides of the music industry.  

Rebellious, savage, full of life and 100% rock, this series will ignite a fire in the veins musicians and rock fans everywhere.  

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Big Machine Label Group President/CEO Scott Borchetta and fashion designer John Varvatos announced Thursday a new joint venture that will find the two discovering and developing new rock acts. The new venture is called simply Big Machine Records/John Varvatos Records, and its first act is California-based rock band Badflower.


                                                                                              By Creative Director Timothy White

                                                                                              By Creative Director Timothy White



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