Adrenaline in Her Veins

The Series


As badass and cool as a Patty Jenkins or Scorcese film, this series on awesome women in intense and high octane sports will release the dopamine and make you want to go run as fast as you can. 

Whether it’s Formula One racing, NASCAR, Motocross, Skateboarding, Surfing, Base Jumping, or MMA, strong, relentless, and optimistic women are emerging as top competitors in these traditionally male only sports and inspiring generations of young women around the world to follow their dream, regardless of the intensity.



Competition has historically united people through shared goals and the fact is that of the sexes, women are as competitive, if not more, than men.

Formula One is one of the only sports that has yet to see a strong emergence of female racers.

Carmen Jordá's dream has always been to be a F1 racer like her father and she is stopping at nothing to make that a reality. 


This short film will lead the movement toward opening the minds of audiences and organizations worldwide towards full acceptance of the badass and cut-throat nature of women who have a burning passion for the sport.  Lead by Carmen Jorda, with the support of fellow racers and colleagues like Lewis Hamilton, & Stella McCartney, this video will show the international and gender neutral support for women in Formula One.


The film will be based around interviews with Carmen Jorda and her colleagues and friends discussing that which they were told they couldn’t do in life because of antiquated ideas and meaningless traditions and how they overcame that. For example...

  • "I was told that I couldn’t race, that I should do something else. So I raced."
  • "I was told that I could never be as fast as a man. So I beat a man."
  • "I was told that I couldn’t afford racing. So I took beat them and took their sponsors."

The Voice Over will be structured into a narrative storyline for our footage to be edited to. Visually we will edit together gliding, beautiful, and slow motion footage from a test drive, physical training, and the paddocks. 

The footage will focus on the driving, the feeling of speed, the techniques, and the precision required for racing. The initial shots will capture the test driving while avoiding showing the face of the driver. “Who are we watching driving?” As the car rips around the track, we will show Carmen in the paddocks watching on as the car goes around and working with the engineers and team to monitor the driving and car.

The VO will transition to focus on how NOW is the time to fully embrace female drivers in Formula One. All the interviewees will say together, We were ready for the courts, the fields, the streets, the ring. Now we are ready for the track.”

Right after this, the F1 car will pull in to the paddocks and a man will exit the vehicle and take off the helmet. Carmen will approache the car, ready to race, and in that moment we will realize that the man was Carmen's test driver. “It’s ready for you Carmen.”


The production of this will take place over one day at the track and training with Carmen and a few interviews either the same day or scheduled for the convenience of the interviewees. The production will include a Drone, Steadicam, and Russian Arm Camera Car to maximize the pristine quality on the film along with the Arri Alexa camera and Cooke Anamorphic Lenses placing our imagery in the quality level of studio films. 


Carmen Jordá Buades (born 28 May 1988) is a Spanish race car driver, who is currently a development driver for the Renault F1 Team.

In early 2010, Jordá signed with Andersen Racing full-time to drive in the Firestone Indy Lights Series for the 2010 season where she started making a name for herself in the racing community.

Years later in 2012, Jordá made her debut in GP3 with Ocean Racing Technology but had a troubling start in the 2013 season. For 2014 season Jordá signed with Koiranen GP and her career began to flourish once again leading her to join the Lotus F1 team in early 2015 as a development driver.

In 2016 Jorda remained with the Lotus team now known as Renault Sport Formula One Team and continues forward with them. Carmen has become a well known face for women in racing and is currently an ambassador for Adidas and IWC.